Saturday, June 21, 2008

What's For Dinner?

I'm now halfway through my sabbatical, having spent the last two weeks writing, doing yoga, and even starting to meditate for the first time in my life (I'm sure I'll have more to say about that later). During this time, I've been increasingly drawn into a simpler plane of life, facilitated no doubt by the above activities. I've stopped the constant shopping for shoes and new clothes that I don't need, have cleaned out every single closet and gotten rid of accumulated things that I don't use regularly, and am even taking public transportation whenever I can.

Hardly radical actions, but for me a marked change from the frenzy of work and mindless accumulation. A conscious stripping down to a simpler, stiller, more contemplative core.

In pursuit of the simple, I've been frequenting the Alemany Farmers' Market for the last few weeks. We are so lucky to have access to so many wonderful farmers' markets in the Bay Area, and this is truly one of the best.

I would argue that many important life lessons can be gleaned during the simple act of walking from stall to stall while quietly contemplating: fresh cherries, green beans, the season's first figs, ripe, red organic strawberries and raspberries, bundles of basil with the roots still attached, an entire stall devoted to mushrooms (with a hand painted mural of a mushroom lady to match), and beautiful summer squash in green, white and yellow.

Simplicity. Stillness. A conscious decision about the kind of life I want to live, versus simply adapting to a life full of stress, unfulfilling work, and unhealthy choices necessitated by lack of time.


So, what's for dinner tonight?
-Farmers market salad with fresh greens, squash blossoms, Japanese cucumbers, and balsamic marinaded figs
-Grilled wild Alaskan salmon marinaded in ginger and soy
-Baby yellow squash, cooked whole with organic olive oil, sea salt, and some oregano from my backyard
-Fresh raspberries and peaches

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